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Media and International Development Symposium

The School of International Development will be running a Media and Development Symposium next week with 16 panels consisting of students on the Media and International Development module.

‘At the verge of drowning in success’ is how one academic recently described the field of communication for social change. But if media is to play a more central role in international development, there is much work to be done. There remain many unanswered questions about how media matters for tackling poverty, inequality and environmental change. The purpose of this symposium on Mainstreaming Media in International Development is to invite UEA students studying this subject to begin to offer their own answers to such questions in the form of 10 minute presentations.

All students on the module will give presentations as part of this 4-hour symposium, with 4 panels running parallel each hour. The panels will cover the following issues:












NGO Communications
Participatory Communication (1)
Social Media and Political Change
Imperialism and Beyond
Media Development
Social Media and NGOs in China (1)
Social Media and NGOs in China (2)
Participatory Communication (2)
Media Representations
The Environment and the Media
Weibo and Disasters/Terrorism

Participatory Communication (3)
Alternative Roles for the Media
Social Media and Politics in China
Social Media and NGOs

For a more detailed timetable, including rooms and presentation titles, see here.