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Media and Development: Animation produced based on book by DEV's Martin Scott

An animated video explaining the role of Media in Development has been produced by the UEA School of International Development, and is based on a new book entitled 'Media and Development', by Martin Scott.

Dr Martin Scott is a lecturer in media and international development at the University of East Anglia. His research is primarily concerned with media coverage of development and the global South. He has also written about entertainment education, media literacy and the role of popular culture in engaging young people in politics. 

The book - set to be published on May 8th - details the crucial role the media can play in development, from encouraging charitable donations and delivering public health messages, to promoting democratic participation and state accountability. However, it also covers to unwelcome influence media brings, when used as a mechanism of surveillance and control, or to disseminate hate speech and propaganda. The broad and interdisciplinary focus of this book will make it attractive to anyone with an interest in media, communication, development, politics and social change. See the full book description, contents and reviews, via Zed Books.


The animated and informative video that visually displays the influence of the media in development can be viewed via our YouTube Channel - Does Media Matter for International Development?