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Managing on the Margins

Friday 8th March 10am-3pm

Norwich Central Baptist Church

Tickets £7.70

Women in Norfolk are speaking out to raise awareness of local and global poverty. Some women, home builders as well as home makers, are raising families on less than 80p a day. They are creating homes and meals from next to nothing.

The Norfolk Federation of Women’s Institutes, in partnership with the Mothers’ Union, the 4women Resource Centre and UEA DEV, aims to recognise the skills and achievements of these women who are Managing on the Margins. A one-day Managing on the Margins event, on Friday, 8 March in the Norwich Central Baptist Church, brings together a variety of groups to highlight the issues, the work already being done and future actions.

The problems of austerity are on our doorstep, in Norfolk. Here women aremanaging to make ends meet, they are struggling through difficult times, raising families and making a contribution to society. Managing on the Margins will give Norfolk and Norwich women’s organisations knowledge about a range of initiatives and the support available for people in their community. The event will also consider how Government policy can help, the plight of international women and look at the global efforts being made to raise over 1,000,000 slum dwellers above the poverty line.

Organiser of the event, Mary Dorrell, said: “The aim of the day is to give women inspirational ideas and knowledge with which to strengthen their work in the community.”

Speakers include Professor Nitya Rao from UEA DEV (School of International Development); Nicola Lawrence who is Head of Action and Outreach with Mothers’ Union Worldwide; and Rowena Hagger-Utting, Development Co-ordinator at the 4women Resource Centre.

Tickets for the event, which runs from 10am to 3pm, are available from the Norfolk Federation of Women’s Institutes on 01638 624580 or email