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Teresa Armijos Burneo Wins UEA Engagement Award

Congratulations to Teresa Armijos Burneo Wins UEA Engagement Award

Dr Teresa Armijos BurneoSchool of International Development

Teresa Armijos Burneo uses visual storytelling to research and engage with communities and individuals who have experienced disasters. Since 2013, Teresa has been involved in ten UKRI-funded research projects working with communities who have experienced major disasters in St. Vincent, Montserrat, Peru, Guatemala and Ecuador and also with internally displaced populations who resettled in areas at risk in Colombia. She has used arts-based participatory action research, including music, dance and theatre to elicit dialogue and change. Teresa uses these methodologies as ethical narrative approaches that allow people to tell their stories in their own voices within safe listening ‘spaces’. 

Co-produced work with other researchers at UEA, the UK and collaborators in different countries has resulted in a series of non-academic outputs, including videos to communicate knowledge about volcanic risk used by agencies in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and the publication of a book of stories collected by children living near the Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador. She has co-designed and co-produced exhibits that have been displayed in St. Vincent and Montserrat and participated in the 2019 Norwich Science Festival. Teresa is currently co-editing a book about the experiences of a group of volunteers that monitored an active volcano for more than 15 years in Tungurahua, Ecuador.

"This [creating and performing theatre] has been very significant … we had the chance to tell [our stories] in our own way. I think that’s left a big imprint in us."

Participant of the Moving with Risk Project, Colombia, 2018

“Thanks to Dr Armijos, I was able to meet people in Peru with other customs, expectations and even another language, but who suffer the same impacts, an identical phenomenon (to what we have experienced). When I realised that, I changed my views and I was able to clearly project my knowledge and give all that wisdom to the service of the community.”

Ecuadorian farmer and volcano observer who attended a workshop in Peru, 2018