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POSTPONED - DEV Research Seminar - Wednesday 4th December

Nick Meynen's research seminar has been postponed until January 2020.


Frontlines: Stories of Global Environmental Justice

Nick Meynen


Every unpacked frontline is one cutting edge of an economic system and political ideology that is destroying life on earth. While our ecosystems are under a sustained attack, there’s also cause for hope in unconventional places. The power of multinationals grows, but so does the power of multinational resistance.

In this lecture, Nick brings the essence from his latest book “Frontlines. Stories of Global Environmental Justice”. This essence is best described by Naomi Klein, Tim Jackson and Joan Martinez Alier:

“In his wide-ranging journalism and writing, Nick Meynen has been vividly mapping struggles for justice around the world. His new book is a rich collection of the human stories of those struggles – from resistance to mining in India and Greece, to land grabbing in Uganda, to a landmark climate lawsuit in the Netherlands. The book harnesses the power of lived experience to bring our most urgent, high-stakes policy debates to life, and it deserves a wide international audience.” - Naomi Klein, bestselling author of The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate.

“Prosperity is about our ability to live well on a finite planet. It’s a task that has as much to do with story and narrative as it does with numbers and policies. Nick recognizes this essential truth. With the colorful insight of the poet and the dogged persistence of the investigative journalist, he recounts the day-to-day struggles and the extraordinary courage of ordinary people around the world as they engage in the fight for social and environmental justice.” - Tim Jackson, author of Prosperity without Growth.

“Nick Meynen shares the extraordinary knowledge he has acquired in the last 10 years on environmental conflicts around the globe, from the commodity extraction to waste disposal frontiers. In a lively style he narrates episodes such as the unpaid environmental liabilities of oil companies in the Amazon and the heroic defense of nature and human livelihoods against the sand mafia in India.” - Joan Martinez Alier, Emeritus Professor of economics and economic history at ICTA-UAB, 2017 winner of the Leontief Prize and author of The Environmentalism of the Poor and Ecological Economics from the Ground Up