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POSTPONED - DEV Research Seminar - Friday 29th November

Helen Campbell Pickfordresearch seminar has been postponed until January 2020.


Learning (and Lack of it) in a Network of Organisations: Knowledge Construction in an Ngo Intervention in Schools in Rajasthan, India.

Helen Campbell Pickford

In this seminar, Helen will explore a singular case study of the kind of organisational network research she has done on the strategies NGOs use to extend their networks into communities, in order to gain evidence of ‘impact’. This example, form Helen’s doctoral fieldwork examines an intervention in which three NGOs employed actors to teach members of several village communities in Rajasthan about the recently enacted Right to Education. The project Helen observed was designed to be a pilot study, harvesting information from marginalized groups t enable the NGOs to scale up their interventions across India. As well as discussing the project’s design, approach to community engagement and system for measuring responses to a drama, Helen will consider the broader ethics of interventions and accountability, particularly the use of pilot study data by policy makers.