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DEV Research Seminar - Friday 15th November

Lily Rice, PhD researcher at the School of International Development at UEA,


Good without God? An Ethnographic Study of Humanism in Uganda.

Friday 15th November | ARTS 2.03 | 12-1pm | Lily Rice

This paper, based on my PhD proposal, intends to respond to a gaping whole in the scholarship of religion in Africa by considering how people critically reflect upon and even reject religion in Uganda. There has been a significant growth of secular humanist organisations in Uganda who are vocal in their criticisms of religion, and seek to create free, critically thinking individuals through their secular schools and development programs. This presents a key opportunity to explore secularism in a new context to that of previous scholarship, which has largely considered secularism as a Western project in a Western context. By using the anthropology of ethics as a theoretical framework, I aim to gain an understanding of how these idiosyncratic organisations figure in the ethical lives of the people involved.