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DEV Research Seminar - Friday 8th November

Krishnan Narayanan, Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, will present his research on increasing groundwater use for the Agriculture sector of Andhra Pradesh.


Sustainable Adaptation and Groundwater Boom in the Peninsular India: Econometric Evidence from the agriculture Sector in Undivided Andhra Pradesh

Friday 8th November | ARTS 2.03 | 12-1pm | Krishnan Narayanan


This study explores distribution of adaptation benefits and risk related with increasing groundwater use in the agriculture sector of Andhra Pradesh. Given the heterogeneous distribution of water resources and change in drought frequency and intensity across space, it is important to know how climate change effects are distributed across space. Findings confirm that drought induced loss as well as adaptation induced risk in slightly humid climate regions of the state are significantly lower than the other climatic regions in the case of paddy (rice). On the contrary, econometric results suggest a significant risk increasing effect of adaptation in the case of aggregate calorie productivity.  The results for two crops highlight that increasing groundwater dominance has improved the resilience of irrigated crops. However, the same doesn’t hold true in case of all energy providing food crops e.g. pulses, oilseeds, coarse cereals etc. It highlights that recently announced insurance policy might be overestimating insurance premium in the case of paddy or rice and underestimating the premium in the case of other crop, if premium is determined based on the past yield data.