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Hydro-Hegemony Workshop - Transboundary Water Justice 12-13 January, UEA London

HH6: Transboundary Water Justice

Sixth International Workshop on Hydro-Hegemony

12-13 January 2013, UEA London - 102 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ


Researchers, practitioners, journalists, and activists are called to join in open, creative and critical discussion, to answer the question: To what extent can ‘justice' serve transboundary water interaction?

This event is organised by the UEA Water Security Research CentreUEA Global Environmental Justice Group and London Water Research Group. The purpose of the workshop is to explore to what extent ‘justice' can serve transboundary water interaction. All practitioners, academics, journalists and activists are called to London in January 2013 to help answer the following questions:

-  Do ‘power asymmetries allow steering of the trade–offs away from social justice' in transboundary water interaction, or do they only lead to a different form of equity?

-  More precisely how does power affect an evaluation of what is just and unjust?

-  How are conceptions of justice used to undermine or reinforce bargaining and ideational power – and vice versa?

-  Which groups invoke which world views on justice? On which philosophical basis and legitimised in which ways?

-  How is bargaining power used in social justice movements over transboundary waters?

-  To what extent is international water law informed by justice? By power?

-  How can the re–production of unjust situations be avoided, through counter–hegemonic efforts?

-  What sense of justice underlies ‘pro–poor' and other apparently subjective justice policy (even on transboundary water initiatives)? Who evaluates it and how?

-  Is the term ‘equity' more palpable than ‘justice' to the prevailing order? Is it therefore more or less effective?

-  How can activism for justice serve equitable outcomes?

-  How many strawmen lurk in the text above?

Download the final HH6 programme (pdf)

Attendance is free but advance registration is required: contact Karis McLaughlin at   If you have ideas that you would like to contribute or discuss please contact Mark Zeitoun at

Core Readings on social justice, environmental justice, hydro-hegemony (incomplete):

LWRG - Transboundary Water Justice (exploratory piece in advance of HH6)

D'Souza (2008) Liberal Theory, Human Rights and Water-Justice: Back to Square One?

Rawls (1971) - A Theory of Justice

Schlosberg (2004) - Reconceiving Environmental Justice

Zeitoun and Warner (2006) - The Analytical Framework of Hydro-Hegemony


Recommended Reading (if you do not have access to these sources, please contact Mark Zeitoun):

Baviskar, A. In the Belly of the River. Oxford, Oxford University Press

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