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Four postgraduate students have articles published on research methods

Postgraduate research students Rodd Myers, Mark Tebboth, Carole White and Will Monteith have had articles about research methods published in SAGE Research Cases.

Rodd Myers shows that that access analysis is a rich empirical method for understanding access and exclusion with a value chain and that an appreciation of complexity is required to conduct a thorough analysis.

Mark Tebboth explores some of the practical and ethical challenges of doing climate change research oversees. The case draws on Mark’s experience of conducting research in China and addresses the issue of research ethics and the discontinuities that arise between the ethics that are intended and those that occur on the ground. The case also explores challenges associated with working across different cultures and languages and accommodating the agendas of multiple funders.

Will Monteith explores the merit of using participant observation as a method in studies investigating social rules and norms based on his fieldwork experiences in a marketplace in Uganda

Carole White discusses the pros and cons of using structured interviews, involving scoring and ranking exercises, in wellbeing research, compared with more open-ended interviews based on fieldwork conducted with Norfolk fishermen.