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Film Screening - The Mango Tree: Living with HIV in Uganda

Living with HIV in Uganda

Cinema City, Norwich

Sunday 1st December 2013 (World AIDS Day), 13:00-14:00

Filmed in Uganda, this positive documentary tells the story of four people living with HIV and how their health has been restored, and their lives transformed, by treatment(antiretroviral therapy) which has become more widely available.  Combining interview footage with scenes from the four people’s everyday lives, the film captures their enthusiasm for a new chance at life and their hope for the future.  Their stories portray vividly how HIV has become a manageable chronic condition and not a death sentence, and illustrate the changes taking place for many other people living with HIV in Africa and elsewhere. The words of one of the participants inspired the name of the documentary: “I can now plant a mango tree and live to eat its fruits”.

A Q&A with two of the directors will follow this premiere screening.

Directors: Denis Namanya, Steve Russell & David Girling.  Uganda 2013. 32 minutes.

English narrative. Interviews in Luganda with English subtitles.

Ticket prices: adult £8.10; child £5.60; concession £7.10; member £6.10

Approximately one third of the proceedings will be donated to World AIDS Day fundraising