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DON'T MISS! DEV's Annual Blaikie Lecture - 20th July

Top environmentalist, Jakob von Uexkull, founder of the World Future Council and Right Livelihood award is coming to UEA on the 20th July.

He will be giving a talk at 6pm titled ‘Global Environmental Challenges and Solutions: Building Future Justice’ for 1 hour which will be followed by a complimentary drinks reception.

The event is completely FREE and all are welcome – staff, students and general public.

You just need to email to register your place (so we can provide adequate catering!).


Today there can be no doubt that we live at a crucial time in human history. Your decisions and actions – or your failure to act – will have an impact on future generations for centuries, possibly for millennia, or even for geological time periods.

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and the greatest challenge you will face wherever you live. The fossil fuel lobbies, powered by over $500 billion in annual subsidies will not be easily defeated but the window of change is opening and the choice is yours. Do you escape into a conventional career and risk the angry questions of your children and grand-children: “Why did you not act when the climate war was still winnable?” – or do you dedicate yourself to this unique historical challenge?

The climate war will not be won by General Twitter or Admiral Facebook. Social media can mobilize but the actual changes will require our live presence and commitment. The famous economic bottom line depends on what we include in and exclude from the top line. Externalizing production costs is not only unfair competition but fraud and should be dealt with as such.

The World Future Council, which I founded in 2007, works to identify, spread and adapt the most effective laws and policies from around the world, which can provide the incentives required to change course. For, under the radar, such breakthrough policy solutions usually already exist somewhere and policy-makers elsewhere are keen to learn about them, but often do not have the information or capacity.

We have now brought together the most important breakthrough policies in a Global Policy Action Plan (GPACT), providing a coherent response to the interlinked global crises.

You are now the most powerful generation in human history, for you are the Guardians of all future generations of life on Earth. The consequences of your decisions and actions will have longer-term effects than ever before.