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DEV- X: Bill Marsden

Mercenary, Missionary or Misfit?- A candid account of a life well lived as an overseas aid worker

8th March, 1-2pm, C.Hall 0.13


Bill Marsden is the Regional Director, East and Southern Africa for the Manchester based Mines Advisory Group – an organisation committed to ridding the developing world of landmines and unexploded ordnance.  

He has previously worked extensively for Save the Children UK as Head of Emergency Health Unit Design Team, and an Emergency Response Team Leader in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and before this worked in Indonesia, with the Australian Red Cross, British Red Cross, IFRC, The World Bank, USAID and VSO.

Starting as a Voluntary fisheries advisor, then a commercial fish farmer, he won a scholarship in aquaculture, then gained an expanding role in coastal sustainable management in Eastern Indonesia. He has built his career through a series of leaps of faith, openness to try different things and opportunities to innovate and create impact at scale, in fisheries, coastal management and humanitarian response.

Opportunities arose through immersion in each country’s language and culture and keeping an open mind.  He has a wealth of knowledge about working overseas and will be happy to share his perspective and observations on how to get into and then progress in an international career , which could be of interest for current undergraduate and post-graduate students thinking of whether to embark in a career in international development or humanitarian response.  

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