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DEV postgraduate student Lucy Garrett awarded the Blaikie Prize

Postgraduate student Lucy Garrett was awarded the Blaikie Prize on Tuesday evening at the Blaikie Lecture on Politics of the Environment 2014.

Lucy's dissertation, 'How is loss and damage being framed in the international climate change negotiations, and what are the political implications for the current North-South impasse?', was judged to be the best dissertation amongst extremely strong competition, with 5 distinction level dissertations nominated and reviewed for the award.

The Blaikie Prize is awarded for academic excellence for a Masters dissertation on the politics of the environment. Emeritus Professor Piers Blaikie said: "This is a really outstanding dissertation analysing the discursive strategies of different negotiators at the UN framework Convention on climate change. A qualitative data collection and inductive analysis were used to analyse the most recent framings of climate change. Here, the concept of loss and damage is examined in term of governance, limits, economics, risk and justice. While there was some agreement on more general issues such as comprehensive risk management, those concerned with liability and compensation became highly politicised as they directly impact on different nations interests."

The prize was given to Lucy at the Blaikie Lecture on Politics of the Environment, which took place on Tuesday 22nd July. The speaker for the evening was Jonathon Porritt, who gave an exceptional talk to a large audience, discussing 'Is the Green Movement its Own Worst Enemy?'





Picture: (From left-to-right) Prof Piers Blaikie, Dr John McDonagh, Dr Heike Schroeder, Lucy Garrett, Dr Marisa Goulden and Jonathon Porritt.