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DEV/EDU Seminar: rethinking internationalisation at home on an ESOL teacher education Programme

DEV/EDU Seminar

Wednesday 13th February


ARTS 01.02

Dr Priti Chopra, University of Greenwich

Rethinking internationalisation at home on an ESOL teacher education programme


Through ethnographic vignettes this seminar explores the practises, perceptions and identities of first generation migrant course participants on a pre-service ESOL teacher education programme in a UK higher education institution. The seminar examines how identity constructions in terms of ethnicity, class, age, religion and gender impacts on their learning and learning identities. By delving into issues of voice, visibility and agency this seminar provides insights into how conceptualisations of internationalisation at home (IaH) may encourage a more active intercultural engagement with the knowledge and socio-cultural realities of minority groups of learners. The findings of this seminar may have implications for developing inclusive intercultural practice and IaH in higher education.

Dr Priti Chopra  Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Greenwich

Dr. Chopra has a PhD in Education (King’s College, University of London) and an MA in Language Studies (University of Lancaster). She has worked in the UK and in India as an education practitioner and researcher for over eighteen years. She is, currently, an International Coordinator and a Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Greenwich. Her research interests are in the areas of: borderless higher education and the internationalisation of higher of education; intercultural learning and inclusive curriculum development; multilingualism and second language acquisition; technology enhanced learning and digital literacies; widening participation, equity and social justice in education.