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Book Series Call for Volumes - 'Anthropology, Change and Development'

Recent shifts in global development thinking and practice acknowledge the importance of context-specific factors in understanding change and ‘doing' development and reject the homogenisation of people's life experiences and aspirations. This opens up new avenues for ethnographic research to speak directly to contemporary development discourses and debates and enrich social science thinking about change and development.

The new Palgrave Macmillan book series ‘Anthropology, Change and Development' seeks to foster engagement between critical anthropology and thinking about development as change in a way that goes beyond the remit of an ‘applied anthropology' framework to include phenomena that have been overlooked by development studies. These include: Uncertainty, envy, love, hope, modernity, aspiration, personhood, mobility, and lifecourse.

We welcome proposals from social science researchers and development practitioners using anthropological and ethnographic methodologies to engage with processes of change and what they mean for development.

The series editors are Laura Camfield, Lan Anh Hoang, and Catherine Locke; please send requests for information/ proposals to