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BOOK LAUNCH - Prof Bruce Lankford Wednesday 11th December

Paracommons book launch

Wednesday 11 December

DEV 3.30 pm

ARTS 3.02

"Resource Efficiency Complexity and the Commons: The Paracommons and Paradoxes of Natural Resource Losses, Wastes and Wastages". Routledge.

By Bruce Lankford

 e-book in the library is here


The paracommons covers the idea of the competition over and allocation of yet-to-be conserved resources.  In effect it asks the question, who gets/owns the material gain from an efficiency gain?   Conceptually the answer lies with one of four parties, the proprietor, the neighbour, the common pool and the wider economy.  The prefix 'para' signals 'alongside' and 'contrariness' implying the paracommons sits alongside the commons and that outcomes are frequently 'against' expectations.  This latter idea of expectation and prefiguration is a defining part of efficiency gains also allowing me to introduce the concept of liminality in natural resource governance. 

 recent feedback from Chris Scott of Arizona University.   "This book is excellent. Virtually all the themes the author writes about are crucial to water (and energy and other paracommons resources) today and into the future. Efficiency, internalizing 'waste' as a resource, and tradeoffs in recapturing losses are treated here with profound insight, illustrated by conceptual figures, and demonstrated through case examples. The implications of this new way of thinking are only beginning to be felt, and so this volume is especially timely -- a "must read" for researchers, agency and NGO managers, and policy-makers alike."

Tim Daw, Heike Schroeder, Shawn McGuire and Mark Zeitoun will offer some initial reflections as discussants. 


Following the seminar there will be a wine reception.

Hope to see you there