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Annual Piers Blaikie Lecture announced


Blaikie Lecture on the Politics of the Environment 2013

 ‘Taming the Hydra: New Paradigms and Governance for Sustainable Development and the Conservation of Nature


Pippa Howard,  Director of Business & Biodiversity at Fauna and Flora International









12 noon on Tuesday 16th July

Thomas Paine Lecture Theatre, University of East Anglia. 

The lecture will be followed by a reception.

This event is free. 

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Despite society’s critical reliance on biodiversity and the ecosystem services it underpins, biodiversity remains under-valued by big business and is diminishing at a rapid rate.  Over the past 50 years, humans have changed and impacted biodiversity and ecosystems more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable period of time in history.  How will we take on these challenge in a resource and carbon constrained world?  Sustainable development will need to take on a whole new meaning with new partnerships and collaborations. But where do we start?

This lecture will explore aspects of environmental protection and conservation in a world of increasingly polarised governance.  It will argue that business needs to play a central role, and government and civil society need new models of governance and management to halt and reverse the decline of biodiversity.

The lecture will provide innovative examples of how conservation agencies and business work together to contend with the continued decline in our natural (non-mineral) resources. Working in Mongolia, NGOs are brokering relationships and leveraging pressure from Lender Banks to achieve a net positive impact on biodiversity. Uranium miners in Namibia are pushing government departments to establish best practice policies, and in Liberia, the IFC is forcing the hand of oil palm developers to attend to the conservation of high conservation value forest. Colombia has just published new policies to protect the national natural capital through aggregated biodiversity offsets. Can these models work? Can we tame the Hydra?

Pippa Howard

Pippa Howard is Director of Business & Biodiversity at Fauna and Flora International  She has degrees in Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Zoology and Development Management. As a Natural Scientist she has over 20 years of experience in biodiversity conservation, environmental management, impact assessment, development and sustainability. Her role includes advising the corporate sector on biodiversity management including advisory roles with large extractive industries, such as De Beers, Rio-Tinto, and BP.