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An Introduction to Key Issues in Development Studies

An Introduction to Key Issues in Development Studies: Taught in Tokyo by Dr Lucio Esposito from the world renowned School of International Development, University of East Anglia.

23-27 March 2015

What are the main global and local challenges the world is facing today?
This intensive five-day introductory international development course taught at SIUK Education Council in Tokyo will cover the key issues which are affecting and will affect our lives in the future, including economic growth, gender, inequality, education, health and sustainability. The course will provide students with an understanding of how the world is (or is not) responding to these challenges and an introductory exposure to most recent international development debates.

What makes this course unique?
The course will be taught by Dr Lucio Esposito, Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia, whose ground breaking research and expertise covers a number of themes such as economic development, education, literacy, gender, inequality, welfare, international poverty, distributive justice, comparative cross-country studies, quality of life, sustainable growth and health. His research spans over 16 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The School of International Development is considered a globally renowned centre of excellence for teaching and research. With its pioneering charitable company, it was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize - the UK’s most prestigious higher education award.

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What is International Development at the University of East Anglia?
The field of International Development aims to address local and global challenges such as poverty, humanitarian aid, social and gender inequalities and climate change and ecosystem conservation. Development studies at the University of East Anglia aims to approach development through different perspectives. Students are encouraged to deepen their understanding of development through aspects of economics, environmental sustainability, anthropology and politics.  

Meet Serena Okawa
My name is Serena Okawa and I'm a student from Japan studying BA International Development with Social Anthropology and Politics with Overseas experience.

The School of International Development (DEV) has many lecturers and staff that have had hands on experience in various areas of tackling global issues such as poverty, humanitarian crisis, natural resource management, and education; I am fortunate to be in an environment where I can learn at a close range from these experts.

The teaching staff - both lecturers and tutors are extremely supportive and understanding, they give me advice in academic coursework and career opportunities, which has served to be a great motivation in continuing my studies. The last two years has helped me think critically about development, and most importantly I have rediscovered my passion of why I want to work in this field and why I want to study this course.

One of the things that make UEA-DEV exceptional is the Development Work Experience (DWE) module, where we are able to put into practice what we have learnt in actual development projects through working at organisations. This summer I worked as a volunteer at an NGO that has stayed back in a disaster hit area in India for two and a half months. I conducted community interviews, organised events, taught English, and raised disaster awareness by planning tsunami drills and presentations. These experiences are already proving to be a valuable aspect in deepening my understandings on development issues. Moreover, the work experience has become a confidence booster for me personally, and has made what area of work I would want to be involved in in the future – I truly believe DEV has expanded my possibilities and I could not be happier to be a DEV student at UEA.

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Japanese translation:




ルチオ・エスポジト(Lucio Esposito)准教授:



Routledge、Palgrave McMillanを始めとする数多くの有名学術雑誌に論文を提出しており、世界的な評価を受けている。またそれらは国際開発学の分野に限らず、経済学、ビジネス学、哲学、人文地理学にまで及ぶ。






私は現在UEA国際開発学部3年生で、国際開発と社会人類学・政治学を専攻しています。(コース名:International Development with Social Anthropology and Politics with Overseas experience)UEA開発学は 学士・修士の両方で イギリスのトップクラスの教育機関として 世界中で名を馳せている大変人気のコースです。

UEAの開発学部には様々な国際機関やNGOでの経験を持った専門家や教授がいます。社会人類学、教育学から自然科学まで幅広い分野で、専門的かつ実践的なトレーニングが受けられることが魅力の一つです。また教授やチューターには、いつでも相談出来る環境があるので、留学生にとっても とても心強いことです。