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Special 40th anniversary issue of JPS features article by Catherine Locke

DEV's Catherine Locke has had an article published in the 40th anniversary special of the Journal of Peasant Studies.

The article was produced by Catherine and ex-postgraduate research student Minh Nguyen, and is entitled 'Rural-urban migration in Vietname and China: gendered householding production of space and the state'. 

The first volume of JPS appeared in 1973-74. 40 years later, two special issues are being produced, with the first published online on the 22nd September 2014. As special anniversary editions, the issues are being made available for free. Catherine and Minh's article can be viewed through the link below: 


Rural-urban migration in Vietnam and China: gendered householding, production of space and the state, Minh Nguyen & Catherine Locke , Journal of Peasant Studies (2014) 41(5).