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Four new videos added to the growing 'Testimonies of Justice' series

Four new videos have been added to DEV's 'Testimonies of Justice' series, where environmental activists explain why justice matters to them.


The collection now includes testimonies from 14 environmental activists, and an introductory video - which has had over 500 views since its launch.

DEV's Professor Thomas Sikor said "Every time I see one of the testimonies I am struck about the power of justice. Activists' convictions about justice provide them with such a powerful motivation to do very special work".

Environmental activists featured include Oxfam's Strategic Advisor Duncan Green (right), who believes an underlying inequality of power drives the injustices his organisation faces, and whose vision of a 'just future' is one in which 'we study poverty in our history lessons'. The new additions to the collection of testimonies come from David Gritten who works for RECOFTC - The Centre for People and Forests, Cam Hoang of the Institute for Cultural Studies in Nietnam, Mirna Inturias from the Universidad de Nur in Bolivia, and the Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development's David Mwayafu.



Professor Thomas Sikor added "Environmental justice provides a frame that helps activists to connect with each other, whether they are from Bolivia, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam or another country, and whether they work on forests, water, mining, biodiversity conservation or other environmental issues". The full series can be viewed via our DEV School YouTube channel, within the 'Testimonies of Justice' playlist.