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Ludek Stavinoha

Ludek Stavinoha 

Course Director - Media with International Development


Welcome to the School of International Development! These are exciting times for both students and staff at the School, with a new, cutting-edge undergraduate programme in Media and International Development. Building on the success of our postgraduate programme and wide-ranging expertise of our staff, the programme will equip you with a range of skills to critically explore the integral role of the media – both old and new - in development: from news coverage of humanitarian disasters, the media’s role in promoting democracy, to charity fundraising campaigns and the use of social media by activists in the Global South.

I have taught across a wide range of media and development topics in recent years. But the kind of questions that really keep me up at night include: How do ‘western’ media representations of the Global South contribute to or challenge existing social and economic inequalities in the world? How do influential development actors – governments, NGOs, big business or major philanthropies such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - shape public debate about global poverty? And, consequently, how are the media implicated in struggles for global social justice? In my most recent research, I have addressed these complex questions by examining news reporting of the HIV/AIDS crisis in sub-Saharan Africa and the campaign for access to life-saving medicines.

I hope you will join me, my colleagues and students in exploring these important issues, and so much more, at UEA.


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