Dr Jenna Pitchford-Hyde joined the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of East Anglia in 2012. She teaches in the Interdisciplinary Institute for Humanities and has a special interest in widening participation and outreach in the Institute. Her research focuses on contemporary war narratives in literature and media with particular interests in masculinity, technology, and disability studies.

Having completed her doctoral thesis in 2011, Jenna has previously held lectureship posts in the English Department at Nottingham Trent University and the American Studies department at the University of Lincoln.

All Publications

Pitchford-Hyde, J.


Bare Strength: representing veterans of the desert wars in US media,

in Media, Culture and Society



pp. 45-61

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Pitchford-Hyde, J.


‘Invisible Warriors: Trauma and Ethics in the Narratives of the Iraq Wars’,

in America: Justice, Conflict, War .

Winter University Press

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(Chapter (peer-reviewed))


Pitchford-Hyde, J.


When the “Homeland” is a Warzone: Iraqis Writing from Positions of Exile and Displacement,

in Critical Studies on Security



pp. 174-188

UEA Repository



Pitchford-Hyde, J.


From One Gulf to Another: Reading Masculinity in American Narratives of the Gulf and Iraq Wars,

in Literature Compass



pp. 357-70

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Pitchford, J.


The global war on terror, identity, and changing perceptions: Iraqi responses to America's War in Iraq,

in Journal of American Studies



pp. 695-716

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Pitchford-Hyde, J., Mukherjee, S.


“Shall We Kill the Pixel Soldier?”: Perceptions of trauma and morality in combat videogames,

in Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds



pp. 39-51

Full Text UEA Repository



Pitchford-Hyde, J.


The American “Other” in the Gulf War Novel: Writing Race and National Identity in Christopher John Farley’s My Favorite War (1996),

in Writing America into the Twenty-First Century: Essays on the American Novel.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing

pp. 56-75

(Chapter (peer-reviewed))


Key Research Interests

Recent and Current Projects

Jenna’s current research projects focus on technology, masculinity, and disability in contemporary war narratives. These include a monograph entitled Masculinity and Identity in Contemporary War Fiction: US Representations in the Gulf and Iraq Wars (Routledge, forthcoming), and a funding bid for a project focusing on representations of disabled veterans in the UK and US media. 

Jenna's most recent publications include a journal article ‘Bare Strength: Representing Veterans of the Desert Wars in US Media’ in Media, Culture, and Society (edited by Katy Parry and John Corner, 2017), and a book chapter, ‘Invisible Warriors: Trauma and Ethics in the Narratives of the Iraq Wars’, America: Justice, Conflict, War (Winter University Press, 2016).


Research Interests and Background

Jenna’s research focuses on the changing face of contemporary conflict and its impact on cultural identity (especially in Persian Gulf and Iraq War narratives). It specifically focuses on trauma and the psychological effects of contemporary warfare, women’s roles in the military, the refiguring of masculinity, the reshaping of national identity, and perceptions of the ‘Other.’ Her research examines a range of narrative forms including novels, memoir, poetry, film, television series, blogs, videogames, photography, and art. She has previously published on Iraqi responses to the 2003 Iraq War, trauma and videogames, African American identity, masculinity in literature of the Iraq wars, and representations of veterans in the media.

Grants and Funding

2014: Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust (SPRET) travel grant towards air travel and accommodation to enable contribution to an interdisciplinary workshop ‘Minds and Bodies at War: Medicine, Ethics and Representation’ at the European Association for American Studies conference, ‘America: Justice, Conflict, War’, held in The Hague, 2014.

2012: Peace and Conflict Studies Program Travel Bursary, Colgate University, New York State, US (£1000 to participate in the Wars Beyond War workshop).

2007: British Association for American Studies/ US Embassy Short Term Travel Award (£750 to conduct archival research into Persian Gulf War and Iraq War literature in the US).

2006: Nottingham Trent University Vice-Chancellor’s Award Doctoral Studentship (fully funded).


Research Group Membership

Jenna is currently part of a team of academics who are developing the MeCCSA Disability Network to work on new interdisciplinary collaborative projects internationally.

In 2012, Jenna worked with colleagues on the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, Colgate University (NY), to establish an international interdisciplinary research network of scholars which challenges simplified definitions of contemporary conflict. The ‘Wars Beyond War’ research group is currently working on an online project addressing the future of warfare. The aim of this research is to engage the public in interdisciplinary discussions about the impact of contemporary warfare in sociological, political, and cultural terms.

Teaching Interests

Jenna currently convenes the 'Literature and Humanities' module as well as teaching the 'Key Concepts' and 'Techniques and Methods' modules in the Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities.

Jenna's teaching interests include interdisciplinary literary and cultural studies, as well as 19th, 20th and 21st century British and American literature, especially postmodern literature; post-World War II conflict narratives (especially Vietnam, Cold War, Gulf and Iraq War, and 9/11 literature); gender and masculinity studies; queer theory; and critical theory.

Jenna has previously taught across a wide range of subject areas including Literature, American Studies, History, Cultural Studies, and Journalism.

External Activities and Indicators of Esteem

  • 2018-present: Member of the MeCCSA Disability Network.
  • 2017-present: Peer-reviewer for Ethnic and Racial Studies (Routledge).
  • 2017-present: Peer-reviewer for College Literature journal (Johns Hopkins University Press).
  • 2016-present: External examiner for the Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate for Humanities at University College London.
  • 2015-present: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
  • 2015-present: Peer-reviewer for Human Relations journal (Sage).
  • 2015-present: Peer-reviewer for the ‘Re-Queering the Nation: America’s Queer Crisis’, Special Issue of the European Journal of American Studies, Vol. 11, No. 3, 2016
  • 2012-present: Peer-reviewer for the online journal Writing Technologies.
  • 2012: Member of the ‘Wars Beyond War’ interdisciplinary research group, based in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, Colgate University, US.
  • 2006-present: Member of the British Association for American Studies

Administrative Posts

Jenna is academic adviser for Foundation Year students and is external examiner for the Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate in Humanities at University College London.

Jenna has worked with colleagues in the Faculty to develop the Widening Participation strategy for the Humanities Foundation Year. In the past, she has co-ordinated a range of Faculty-wide projects aimed at widening participation in Higher Education, including themed visit days, collaborative inter-institutional residential visits, on-going projects in local schools, and projects with local community groups. Jenna also developed an outreach training programme for PhD students which was later rolled out to help train doctoral students in other Faculties.