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Spring 2015 Medieval Seminar Series

19th Jan 2015, 5pm, ARTS 3.07            

Helen Castor (London)

"Hindsight and Humanity: Writing the History of Joan of Arc"


2nd Feb 2015, 5pm, ARTS 3.07            

Manuel Castiñerias González (Universitat de Autònoma de Barcelona)

"Hercules in the Garden of the Hesperides: A Geographical Myth in the Creation Tapestry?"


9th Feb 2015, 5pm, ARTS 3.07             

Felicity Hill (School of History, UEA)

"Magna Carta and Pastoral Care"


16th Feb 2015, 5pm, ARTS 3.07          

Frédérique Lachaud (Université de Lorraine)

"Some Neglected Evidence for Political Thought in Thirteenth- and Early Fourteenth-Century England"


2nd March 2015, 5pm, ARTS 3.07               

Jenny Stratford (Institute of Historical Research, London)

"Treasure from Inventories"


9th March 2015, 5pm, ARTS 3.07                

Margrete Syrstad Andås (University of Trondheim)

"Sin and Damnation in the Medieval Art of the North"


20th April 2015, 5pm, ARTS 3.07               

Anthony Pollard (Teesside University)

"The Sex Life of Edward IV"

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