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Spring 2015 Early Modern Seminar Series

4th Feb 2015, 5:15pm, ARTS 3.03

Dr Liesbeth Corens (Cambridge)

"Seasonal coexistence: temporality, civility and confessional relations in the health town Spa"


18th Feb 2015, 5:15pm, ARTS 3.03

Dr Jonathan Foyle (Built Heritage)

"Rediscovered: the marriage bed of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York"


4th March 2014, 5:15pm, ARTS 3.03

Dr Amy Blakeway (Cambridge)

"Print, power and propaganda during the Anglo-Scottish war of the Rough Wooings, 1543-50"


18th March 2015, 5:15pm, ARTS 3.03

Prof Edward Jones (Oklahoma State)

"The state papers of John Milton" (NB this will be a joint session with the LDS Medieval and Early Modern Research Seminar)

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