Supporting wellbeing of those affected by neurodegeneration Supporting wellbeing of those affected by neurodegeneration

Complex neurodegenerative conditions, including dementias, require an integrated approach to research and care. This theme brings together neuroscientists, clinical and social care researchers to: 

  • develop original assessments for evaluating patients and family carers that can be easily used by healthcare professionals and researchers
  • develop non-pharmacological interventions to promote participation in activities and improve family wellbeing.

To achieve these aims, we conduct in-depth observational and experimental studies to identify the various factors behind the challenging issues relating to neurodegenerative conditions. These include disability (functional decline), sleep disturbances and the burden on family carers. 

Interested in joining us?

We have a solid track record in building the capacity of, and supporting, aspiring clinicians from non-medical professions. We welcome inquiries from patients and their families, as well as prospective postgraduate students, researchers and healthcare professionals and collaborators. For more information, contact Eneida Mioshi.

Theme members: 

Eneida Mioshi (Theme Lead)

Tamara Backhouse

Trish Boyton

Julieta Camino

Clarissa Giebel

Sue Jones

Naoko Kishita

Alpar Lazar

Ratko Radakovic

We are part of the Neurodegeneration Network.