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Sosa, G. A., Crozier, K. E., Stockl, A.


Midwifery one-to-one support in labour: More than a ratio,

in Midwifery


pp. 230-239

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Sosa, G., Crozier, K., Robinson, J.


What is meant by one-to-one support in labour: Analysing the concept,

in Midwifery



pp. 451-457

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Key Research Interests

Midwifery One-to-One Support in Labour: Ethnographic Study of different Birth Environments

Randomised controlled trials have shown that one to one support in labour improves birth outcomes, but the support by midwives has been questioned as they are constrained by medical and technological duties. My PhD is an ethnographic study investigating the activities of midwives when they are supporting low risk women at home, and within midwifery led units. The intention is to increase the understanding of the concept of midwifery one to one support in labour.  Methods included 30 observations within the labour environment, observations outside the labour environment and interviews with 29 women and 30 midwives. Funded by East of England Clinical Academic award. 

Supervisors: Kenda Crozier and Andrea Stockl