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UEA Vice-Chancellor visits Tohoku University with HSC to conclude a University-University level MoU

Tohoku University and UEA academics sign MoU

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) for academic cooperation was concluded with Tohoku University by three schools from UEA this year (HSC, PPL, and PHA). These initiatives grew into a more extensive formal partnership, and UEA Vice-Chancellor David Richardson made his first visit to Tohoku University in December 2018 with colleagues from different schools including Dr Naoko Kishita from HSC who is leading on this partnership.

Tohoku University is one of the top national universities in Japan, and Prof Richardson met their president and signed a university-to-university level MoU to further strengthen UEA’s partnership with Tohoku University. As part of these initiatives, UEA and Tohoku University have agreed to kick off a series of joint conferences on interdisciplinary approaches to key issues in contemporary society involving early career researchers and students to foster the next generation of leaders in academia.

Prof Akiko Ozaki from HSC at Tohoku University, who is the lead for international exchanges (and also the lead for Gerontological and Home Healthcare Nursing,) will be making the first official visit to UEA in March 2019 to meet our HSC colleagues.