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Ensuring safety for insulin pump users at airport security

Excellent progress has been made to Rachel Humphrey’s public campaign to improve safety and experience for insulin pump users at airport security around the world

The new Medical Device Awareness Card will be launched on 13 February 2019. All UK airports are aware of the card, which has information on one side for Security Officers and for the passenger on the other. It has full backing from the UK government and holds both the CAA and AOA logos. Rachel is delighted with this practical and highly effective scheme. It is a tangible solution that will remove any confusion or uncertainty at airport security. Following her harrowing experience 3 years ago when her family were held in an airport police room due to her son’s insulin pump, it goes without saying that this campaign has been highly personal to her. She is absolutely thrilled that the CAA have worked so hard on this project, which affects thousands of travellers each year. Rachel aims to roll out the scheme globally with overseas organisations to achieve her ultimate goal of all insulin pump users having a stress free and safe experience at airport security around the world.


HSC are thrilled to have contributed to and continue to support this worthy campaign through publication of a healthcare professional review into the issues faced by people with insulin pumps traveling via airport security - McGhee K (2017) Diabetes and Air Travel: Ensuring security, Promoting Dignity International Airport Review Katie continues to engage with Rachel and this global campaign and is in the process of collaborating with the innovation and CPD team in planning the development of a training initiative for airport security staff in the promotion of safety and dignity of people with insulin pump therapy travelling through airport security.