Championing equality, diversity and inclusivity in health Championing equality, diversity and inclusivity in health

We currently hold the Athena SWAN Bronze Award (awarded 2017) and are committed to delivering a diverse and vibrant work environment for all our staff recognising the array of inspiring experts through good employment practices. ​

​Our termly Equality and Diversity newsletter for staff provides information on training opportunities, resources, networks and university and school policies and our Equality and Diversity Communication Plan ensures key messages reach staff in a timely manner.​​

Our School Equality and Diversity Committee regularly reviews key policies and practices and effects positive actions through the ethos of the Athena SWAN Charter that promote a fair, inclusive and supportive environment for staff and students.​​

Explore our E&D pages to learn more about our initiatives, policies and opportunities.

Contact Helen Bell, HSC Equality and Diversity Lead including Athena SWAN, for further information/discussion.













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