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Triennial Review

Placement providers are responsible for triennial review of mentors to ensure that only those who continue to meet the NMC’s mentor requirements remain on the local register. The nature of the triennial review of mentors and practice teachers is for the placement providers to determine but may form part of an employer-led personal development appraisal.

To be maintained on the local register the individual must have evidence of having:

  • Mentored at least two students (practice teachers to have supervised at least one student) with due regard (extenuating circumstances permitting) within the three year period. Supervisors of midwives are required to mentor at least one student undertaking a supervisor of midwives programme during the three year period relating to triennial review as outlined in NMC Circular 01/2008.

  • Participated in annual updating – to include an opportunity to meet and explore assessment and supervision issues with other mentors/practice teachers.

  • Explored as a group activity the validity and reliability of judgements made when assessing practice in challenging circumstances.

  • Mapped ongoing development in their role against the current NMC mentor/practice teacher standards.

  • Been deemed to have met all requirements needed to be maintained on the local register as a mentor, sign-off mentor or practice teacher.

If you would like further information, please contact your link lecturer.


  HEEOE Triennial Review Information


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