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Sign-off Mentor Training

Are you a sign off mentor already but feel you need some information and an opportunity to consider ‘how to do it'?

Perhaps you will be a sign off mentor or are expected to become one to add capacity to your team?

Did you have sign off preparation a while ago but feel uncertain since you haven't ‘done it for real'?

Then this session is for you. We'll cover:

  • The role of the sign off mentor and your accountability
  • The paperwork- what to do and what to fill in
  • The standards of proficiency
  • The types of evidence that you can use to help you in your decision-making
  • Who can help you
  • Scenario work - two simulations of the sign-off process will be undertaken
  • What to do if things go wrong

2018-19 dates to be announced.

To book a place at ECB please contact


Nursing FAQs (PDF)

Midwifery FAQs (PDF)

Sign Off Mentors (SOM) Record of Judgement of Students' proficiency

SOM Adult 

SOM Child (PDF Document)

SOM Mental Health (PDF Document)

SOM Learning Disabilities (PDF Document)