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Once upon a time, again

As part of the FLY festival 2016 I went to a number of workshops. One was the Once Upon a Time, Again. There were roughly 12 students and it was laid out around a big table so it was very interactive.

Firstly we started off by telling each other about our favourite fairy tales for example Once Upon a Time and Beauty and the Beast.  We were asked to explain what appealed to us like having a strong character and having a strong message embedded within them.

We then got to choose a character from a fairy tale that wasn’t the main character and write a description. I found this very useful as it allowed me to get to know my character a bit better.

I did a detailed description of the candlestick and then read it to the group. The workshop leader told us how to improve our stories which was very helpful. We then wrote the beginning of our story which was very successful. It had to be a fairy tale with a twist.

Lots of people came up with wacky ideas. For anyone who wants to be a writer I would really recommend this workshop.  

Liesl Hammer