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Mitch Benn entertains audiences

Mitch Benn, an English comedic musician and author was welcomed by the audience with cheers as he got out his acoustic guitar and played us one of his songs which he is known to have played on his series called The Mitch Benn Music Show on BBC7. Now, he is experimenting with writing fictions and is coming up with more ideas for his next book.

He started by somewhat serenading the audience with one his comedic songs and was making general conversation with the audience, mentioning a Twitter account that he has created to share with the world the funny remarks that his children make.

He then proclaimed to be a “true” Doctor Who fan but said that after attending a Doctor Who convention where fans had built life-sized Darleks, he then realised he wasn’t a true fan. This session was going to be attention-grabbing as the pupils were already in fits of giggles over his songs and being taught how to do Chewbacca impressions by Benn.

Swiftly afterwards, he got on to the topic of his fiction books after learning about his day job, he wishes he could write books instead. After releasing Terra and Terra’s World, a story about young girl who was abducted by aliens and grows up in the city of “Hrrng”, where the novel discusses Terra’s journey on her search for answers about her past.

Benn then told the audience how he begins writing a story, in which he confessed that his way of writing a book isn’t the best way to go about doing it, according to other authors. Turns out writing out of sequence or some chapters on his phone isn’t what other authors do, but each to their own as the saying goes! He intends to write his next book more linear.

I was fascinated by the ideas he had and to some extent shocked after being told he was writing around 100 songs a year. Mitch Benn was thoroughly entertaining for all ages, as the younger students laughed at his “old rock” styled version of the Hungry caterpillar, and for the 16+ as we sniggered at the back to his more adult jokes. This session has been one of the most creative sessions by far from this week!

Sasha Smee