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EU referendum provokes discussion at FLY

FLY welcomed sixth form and college students on Thursday for an inspiring day of talks, workshops and debates exploring key themes and issues present in young adult fiction. The welcome talk, given by Clare Connors also addressed the EU referendum and provoked thought and discussion in the students.

Welcoming the students to the Festivals penultimate day, Connors was energetic and focused her opening talk on the dynamic nature of literature and how literature in itself is welcoming. "As a subject it [literature] invites in any topic, everything can be depicted by words" she said. Connors then explained how literature is part hospitality, as one is welcomed through the comfort of words. This then led to the discussion of how writers such as Wordsworth and Shakespeare used welcoming in their own work to create depth to a plot, an insightful perception which made an excellent introduction to the later discussions of literature during the day.

Connors then led on to welcome the students to the creative space of UEA. She outlined how everyone is welcomed into creativity as there are no borders, anyone can use their imagination to delve into literature, creating an endless stream of ideas and creativity due to everything being welcome. A perfectly fitting introduction to a day thriving with creative minds.

Towards the end of the talk, Connors left on a thought provoking topic correctly suited to today: the referendum. She described the debate as a conflict of who is or isn’t welcome, an interesting point linking the welcome talk effectively to important issues young people need to consider. It posed the question: who do we welcome and why? I believe this was a necessary topic to be discussed and rightly deserved to be mentioned in the introductory talk.

To conclude, Connors gave an enthusiastic talk which appropriately challenged the audience, preparing them for a day of creativity. It was highly enjoyable and definitely left everyone feeling thoroughly welcomed.

Esme Lucas