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Debs Newbold breathes fresh air into Shakespeare’s King Lear.

William Shakespeare’s words have driven through centuries of admiration—and, like his own plays did to older stories, they have been adapted into many different forms by many different people. Debs Newbold’s performances breathe life to the winding journeys of Shakespeare’s stories. Her passion as she performs is equal to an entire cast of actors crafting a play with their individual roles.

In addition, Newbold can interest a wider range of audience with her witty interlaces of humour throughout her performance, humour often linking to modern references. Imagery is created not through costumes and props, but through beautifully embroidered words and a powerful voice. She interacts with the audience, involving them in the performance and therefore making them feel part of it. In her performance of Shakespeare’s King Lear in July 11th, 2017, Debs Newbold’s interaction with the audience was that they were the storm.  Poetically, this showed that it was almost like the audience had power that made the characters seem miniscule in comparison, and therefore casted light into the tragedy of the entire play.

Instead of the ageing lines of Shakespeare’s plays, Newbold has replaced them with flourishing, bold words and a passionate voice that causes her performance to flounce by. The audience will be so engaged in her re-enactments that they will forget time exists…until she finishes. So, Shakespeare caught your fancy? Debs Newbold will give you a performance of his work with her own unique, charming twist.

By Samar Kiani.