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Can you write a 100 word story?

The short story at the bottom is what I managed to write in about 10 minutes due to the advice and help given at the '100 word story' workshop. The workshop was helpful in starting the students to explore the world of short stories and helped them steer clear of cliches.

The workshop leader started the students off by reading a few short stories that she had provided – this helped the children imagine what 100 words really are and how you can fit a large amount of information into a few sentences. Those who attended enjoyed reading the stories provided and the inspiration was really reflected in their own work.

In order to help the students picture a story better, the leader scattered out a few cards with characters and places written on them. This was a super idea and really got the student's imagination going. As I went up to pick mine, I could hear them talking to each other in full debate over which one to pick and the possibilities surrounding it. Some of the options were quite entertaining such as, "a strawberry farmer" and, "the Princess of Monaco." This exercise was really clever since it allowed the students to pick completely opposing characters and settings and put them together to make a really interesting short story.

I chose, "someone who has crashed their car" and, "a tropical rainforest" however, this was changed to just a forest after having a little laugh at why I put those two together. The kids at first seemed to be a little lost with what was happening when they first picked up their cards, when it came to drafting ideas most of them were looking into space in order to conjure an idea, but once they had found their idea, they were thoroughly engrossed into the story.

After the stories had been written, the students read out their stories one by one and the excitement to present their work was clear. They all had a proud look plastered on their face after building their own unique story. A few of the students even announced that they were going to keep on writing the story or build a story based around the character and setting that they chose. The students really picked up on the idea and loved their stories that they chose and really loved the overall ethos of what was happening.

Overall, the workshop was extremely helpful and allowed the students to open up their creative window and really explore the possibility of what could happen in a story only allowing 100 words. The instructor was super friendly and kind and a good help to the students who needed her help. She explained the workshop well and ensured that the students had maximum fun and reached their full potential.

Here's my 100 word story:

It would appear that Sian was lost. A city girl in a forest is just a spell for trouble. The beating sun forced Sian's deep, wispy hair to clutch to her sticky skin. She felt like every part of her body was excreting sweat. It definitely didn't helped that she was stranded in her smashed black car in the isolated unknown. She exited the ruin of the vehicle and opened the boot, wiping the perspiration and determination off her forehead. Her eyes fixated on the extensive black sack. Sian spat with disgust and muttered, "we get what we deserve."

Emma Ireland