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Adisa the verbalizer

Adisa strode into the festival today with a mouthful of metaphors and wit full of wisdom. He has entranced audiences internationally with his poetry performance and kept the audience here at UEA captivated by his show.

First he performed his poem ‘Spellbound’. And it left us exactly that – entranced. After his first poem, each phrase he performed was based on the questions asked by students. He spoke about his favourite food, rice, and had even written a poem based on the EU referendum result today, ‘Poetry Revolution’.

Revolution is a seed planted in the soul of silence.

We discovered there are two contrasting sides to Adisa – the sombre side and the sillier side. Aside from a poet he is obviously a comedian too. The whole theatre was in fits of laughter as he joked with the Primary School children, teased the Secondary students and mocked the teachers. He was an impressive figure to watch, mouth twisting this way and that as he formed each simile with an impish grin.

Adisa is witty, hilarious and breath-taking. He has inspired audiences worldwide and had precisely the same effect today at the festival.

By Sienna James