Name Job Title
Dr Eylem Atakav Senior Lecturer
Dr Karina Aveyard Senior Lecturer in Media, Arts and Humanities
Professor Sarah Barrow Professor of Film and Media & PVC HUM
Dr Beccy Collings Lecturer in Humanities
Dr Christine Cornea Lecturer
Dr Rayna Denison Senior Lecturer
Dr Richard Farmer Lecturer in Film and Media Studies
Dr Sarah Godfrey Senior Lecturer
Dr Paul Gooding Eastern ARC Fellow Digital Humanities
Dr Jamie Hakim Lecturer in Media Studies
Professor Richard Hand Professor in Media Practice
Professor Su Holmes Professor
Dr Sanna Inthorn Senior Lecturer
Professor Mark Jancovich Professor of Film Studies
Associate Dean for Research
Dr Keith M Johnston Reader in Film & Television
Dr Miriam Kent Lecturer in Film and Media Studies
Mr Michael Lengsfield Lecturer
Professor George Mckay Professor in Media Studies
Dr Brett Mills Senior Lecturer
Dr Emma Pett Lecturer in Film Studies