International Summer School (British Film and TV) International Summer School (British Film and TV)

International Summer School (British Film and TV)

The School of Film, Television and Media Studies plays a role in the university's International Summer School programme.

The British Film and TV module will teach students:

  • Knowledge and Understanding. By the end of the module students should have an understanding of the key debates over British film and television; the production, mediation and consumption of British film and television; a range of forms and periods within the history of British film and television.
  • Intellectual Skills. Apply ideas and concepts in the discussion of aspects of British film and television. Construct coherent and independent arguments. Professional Skills. The module will develop students' ability to: Select, sift and synthesize information from a variety of materials. Write accurately and grammatically and present written material using appropriate conventions.
  • Transferable Skills. The module will also develop students' ability to: Manage a large and disparate body of information. Use IT to word-process their assessed work. Speak and write cogently about a chosen subject area.

For more information please visit the UEA International Summer School website.