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At UEA we pride ourselves on a varied calendar of public events, which make our groundbreaking research engaging and accessible to all. Click through the links below to revisit some of our previous events:


Watch our most recent events again below:

Climate change and global decarbonisation

Prof Corinne Le Quéré, School of Environmental Sciences

Dementia - the new challenge for our society

Prof Michael Hornberger, Norwich Medical School


The role of internet technologies - are we bridging divides or losing control?

Prof Gerard Parr, School of Computing Sciences


Charles Clarke in conversation with Stephen Timms MP


What are 'British values'?


Partnerships, politics and practice: academic life in the health sciences

Prof Rosalynd Jowett, School of Health Sciences


Free speech, hate speech, faith speech

Prof Rachel Potter (School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing)

Dr Alexander Brown (School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies)

Prof Lee Marsden (Head of School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies)


Loving every drop - the future of water


Pre-operative medical disclosure: placing the patient at the heart of the matter

Prof Rob Heywood, UEA Law School


Tara Oceans: Eco-systems Biology at Planetary Scale

Prof Chris Bowler, School of Environmental Sciences


What the Victorians Threw Away

Dr Tom Licence, School of History


Is it Worth it? Balancing the Costs and Benefits of Healthcare

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Learning Words Creates Smart Word Learning

Prof Larissa Samuelson, School of Psychology


What is international history? (And why should we study it?)

Prof Thomas Otte, School of History


House of cards: dementia at home

Prof Eneida Mioshi, School of Health Sciences


Disruptive Innovation and Optimal Policy Responses

Prof Kai Uwe Kuhn


The globalised world of the Middle Ages: an archaeologist's view

Prof Anne Haour, Sainsbury Research Unit


I Haven't Seen That In The Karma Sutra!

Dr Tom Shakespeare, Norwich Medical School


'Et tu, brain?' Healthy ageing and dementia

Prof Michael Hornberger, Norwich Medical School


UEA London Lecture: Speaking of Writing

with Joe Dunthorne, Emma Healey, Naomi Woods and Prof Andrew Cowan


Pop music and the disabled body

Prof George McKay, School of Art, Media and American Studies


The power of frustration: pioneering clean hydrogen energy

Prof Gregory Wildgoose, School of Chemistry


God matters to us all

Rt Hon Prof Charles Clarke (Former Home Secretary)


I'm okay, you're okay: religion in the public square

Prof Lee Marsden, Head of School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies


Faith and British politics

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (former Minister of State for Faith and Communities)

and Aaqil Ahmed (BBC Head of Religion and Ethics)


Maximising potential through occupational therapy and education

Prof Nicola Spalding, School of Health Sciences


Greenhouse gases and bioenergy: theologians and radicals have a laugh while Martians eat metals

Prof David Richardson, Vice-Chancellor


'Please sir, I want some more': food and hunger in Victorian Britain

Prof Emma Griffin, School of History