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What Works Wellbeing

Work, Learning & Wellbeing Evidence Programme

The evidence programme is concerned with examining the evidence base and developing practical interventions, tools and processes that can protect and enhance the wellbeing of workers, adult learners and those seeking work. It is part of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing.

Kevin Daniels is lead for the evidence programme on Work, Learning and Wellbeing with oversight of the sub-theme on Work. Sara Connolly from UEA alongside Mark Bryan from the University of Sheffield lead the sub-theme on Transitions. Olga Tregaskis leads the sub-theme on Learning. Chidiebere Ogbonnaya is the UEA research analyst for the project working alongside Simonetta Longhi from University of Reading and Alita Nandi from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex. In addition, the team has UEA researchers Cigdem Gedikli and David Watson working on systematic reviews. The centre administrator is Jess Knights. ESI colleagues all lend their expertise to the programme of work and research degree students are working on a range of related research projects.

Outputs from this programme and other programmes at the Centre can be downloaded from the Centre website.  is the The programme’s Twitter handle is @WorkLearnWell.

The project team have two major guiding principles. First, 'what works' needs to be actionable by workers, adult learners, those seeking work and those close to them (eg. line managers, educators, careers advisors, job centre staff) - so our focus is on what can be done 'on the ground'. Second, because wellbeing is comprised of many things, we seek initiatives and interventions that offer improvements across a broad range of the elements of wellbeing and a broad range of people. By doing so the results which speak more effectively to those who have to develop specific initiatives and interventions for heterogeneous users.

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