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The ESI group has 23 academic colleagues in addition to Research Degree students and Associate Tutors. We work across a range of areas relating to work and employment practices in firms and across country contexts. The group has a strong work psychology basis combined with organisational theory, economics and sociological perspectives which provide a vibrant research environment. The ESI group work closely with employers, policy makers, charities and individuals through their education and research activities and have a strong applied multidisciplinary approach to their work.

Sara Connolly

Kevin Daniels

Constanze Eib

Carlos Ferreira Peralta

Roberta Fida

  • Roberta FidaLecturer in Organisational Behaviour
  • Strapline My research focuses on examining the role of both personal and workplace characteristics on the promotion of workers’ well-being and on the reduction of the risk of unethical behaviours.
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Annilee Game

Simy Joy

Josie Kinge

Jessica Knights

  • Jessica KnightsProject Administrator
  • Strapline I provide administrative support to the Work, Learning and Wellbeing Evidence Programme.
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Ieva Martinaityte

Mariella Miraglia

Rachel Nayani

Irina Nikolova

Chidiebere Ogbonnaya

Ana Sanz Vergel

Susan Sayce

Olga Tregaskis

Dana Unger

  • Dana UngerLecturer in Organisational Behaviour
  • Strapline My research deals with the work-life interface: I have a special interest in the relevance of work for the employees’ relationship with their significant other and vice versa.
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Andrew Vassallo

  • Andrew VassalloLecturer in Business Management
  • Strapline My area of expertise is operations and process management and the management of change in organisational settings particularly in the context of manufacturing, public and service sectors.
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David Watson

  • David WatsonSenior Research Associate, Work learning and Wellbeing Evidence Programme (part of the What Works for Wellbeing Centre)
  • Strapline I am interested in the concept of wellbeing, particularly in the way it shapes policy and practices, and how alternative organisations can address issues of sustainability and wellbeing.
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