Find out about research into physical processes in the climate system Find out about research into physical processes in the climate system

Unless stated, these take place on a Friday at 1pm. Everyone is welcome to come along.





Summer 2015

17 April - No seminar as EGU  
24 April Zicer Joel Hirschi (NOC)  North Atlantic ocean drivers for European weather
1 May Zicer Dan Hodson (NCAS)  Atlantic Multidecadal Variability:  Consequences, Causes & Prediction?
8 May Zicer Duncan Ackerley (Monash)  Representing north Australian rainfall in GCMs
15 May Zicer Natasha Lucas  (Bangor)  Novel Methods for Determining the Evolution of Turbulence in the Surface Boundary Layer
22 May Zicer Yvonne Firing (Southampton)  Microstructure observations of dissipation and mixing in the Amundsen Sea
29 May Zicer Stephanie Bush (NCAS)  The South Asian Monsoon in the MetUM: Linking Model Biases to Physical Processes
5 June Zicer Amee O'Callaghan (UEA)  The Effects of Different Sudden Stratospheric Warming Types on the Ocean
10 June, 2pm Zicer Nick Hall (Toulouse)  Tropical - extratropical interactions in a hierarchy of models
Mon, 15 June, 2pm Zicer Helene Hewitt (Met Office)  From parameterising to resolving: the role of ocean eddies in coupled climate simulations
19 June Zicer Emma Boland (BAS)  Mixing by meso-scale eddies in the Southern Ocean: two different perspectives
26 June -

No Seminar as IUG

18 Sept Zicer Pat Hyder (Met Office) TBC
25 Sept Zicer Alejandra Sanchez Franks (NOC) TBC
2 Oct TBC Fabian Roquet (Stockholm University) TBC
9 Oct Zicer Thomas Spengler (University of Bergen) TBC
16 Oct Zicer Ben Booth (Hadley Centre) Carbon cycle uncertainities and constraints
23 Oct Zicer Chi Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) TBC
30 Oct Zicer Erik van Sebille (Grantham Institiute, Imperial College) Chasing water: Using Lagrangian particles to track water, heat, plankton and plastic through the global ocean
6 Nov Zicer Ian Renfrew (ENV) TBC
13 Nov Zicer Danny Feltham (University of Reading) TBC
20 Nov Zicer Regina Rodrigues (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil) TBC
27 Nov Zicer Amelia Araujo (CEFAS) Characterisation and modelling of storm surge events
4 Dec Zicer Nathan Merchant (CEFAS) TBC
11 Dec Zicer PhD Student TBC


Past Seminars


Summer 2015: David Stevens (MTHS)