Find out about research into physical processes in the climate system Find out about research into physical processes in the climate system

Unless stated, these take place on a Friday at 1pm (unless otherwise stated). Everyone is welcome to come along.





Spring 2017

Wed, 11 Jan, 10 am SCI 1.20 Inga Smith, Uni of Otago, New Zeland Ice shelf-sea ice interactions research using an Earth System Model and glider data
20 Jan Zicer Julian Mak, Uni of Edinburgh Eddy saturation from an eddy energy constrained parameterisation
27 Jan Clayton Pierre Cauchy, UEA Wind monitoring from an ocean glider using underwater noise measurements
3 Feb Zicer Jenny Turton, BAS/Leeds The spatial distribution of foehn winds over the Larsen C ice shelf, Antarctica, and their influence over surface melt
10 Feb Clayton Richard Jones, UEA Weather and Climate of the Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica: Reanalysis products, observations and high resolution modelling
24 Feb Zicer Kathryn Gunn tba
3 Mar Zicer IMarEST tba
10 Mar Zicer Clement Vic, NOCS Internal tides and mixing over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
17 Mar   tba  
24 Mar Zicer Andy Elvidge, UEA A new approach to forecasting clear air turbulence over mountains for aviation
28 Apr Zicer Helen Czerski, UCL The bubbles underneath breaking waves and their contribution to air-sea gas transfer mechanisms
5 May Zicer Marina Azaneu, UEA Variability of the Antarctic slope current system in the northwestern Weddell Sea


Past Seminars


Spring 2017: Rob Hall