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Gill Malin appointed President of the British Phycological Society

Congratulations to Gill Malin who was recently appointed President of the British Phycological Society (BPS For those of you who read this as psychology you are not alone, google has this problem too! For the uninitiated phycology is the study of algae. The society has an international membership and, as one of the first phycological societies to be set up worldwide, an established and deserved reputation in the field. BPS has membership rates as low as £10 a year so do join if you are interested in algae! A good many ENV PhD students have had money for attending meetings and short courses through the BPS funding schemes.


The algae are an amazingly diverse group of photosynthetic organisms that includes single-celled microalgae and seaweeds. Most have a very long evolutionary history and were responsible for oxygenating the Earth. Gill’s research looks at how the growth and physiology of algal populations are influenced by the environment and how they, in turn, affect the environment e.g. through the production of dimethyl sulphide, halogenated trace gases and hydrocarbons such as ethene and isoprene. Gill also applies her expertise to other topics including ‘algal exploitation’: the sustainable production of algal biomass for commercial purposes.


She is also ELSA theme leader for Elemental Cycles and recently joined the Marine Knowledge Exchange Network team (MKEN as Director of Marine Biology. She is looking forward to making connections between these roles and her work as president of the BPS. 


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