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Comedy in the classroom - our award-winning innovative teaching in 3S - is leading the way at UEA right now

Gill Seyfang and colleagues made the front page of UEA's quarterly Learning Highlights newsletter, which showcases exciting new developments and shares best practice. You can read more about it here, as Gill's feature explains the whys and wherefores of Comedy in the Classroom, and presents the latest student survey feedback on this exciting teaching method - is there more to it than messing around in comedy wigs? Read it here: Learning Highlights Spring 2016

Gill Seyfang will also showcase Comedy in the Classroom as keynote speaker at UEA's Learning and Teaching Day 2016. Delegates to the annual celebration of excellent, inspiring, creating teaching at the University will be treated to an after-lunch performance of Swipe Right for Sustainability, co-starring with new ENV lecturer Helen Pallett (pictured).

The audience will be treated to something they've never come across before in a surprising and inspiring session, which will entertain, inform and inspire lecturers to adopt these methods across the whole curriculum.
Gill will then talk through the rationale, whys and wherefores of this teaching method, showing how we went about creating our performances, why they were needed, and what impact it's had on students' learning. She will aim to send every delegate away with ideas about how to apply some version of this method in their own teaching work, as well as some key tools for how to adapt and apply it.