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Tom Bell Manuela Martino Jamie Kettle Adele Chuck - now left UEA Phillip Williamson Claire Evans - now at PML Gareth Lee Michael Steinke Martin Johnson Rosie Chance Rosie Cullington Gill Malin Peter Liss Sue Turner Claire Hughes Susanne Kadner - now left UEA Rose Chambers Ina Plettner - now left UEA Casey Ryan - now left UEA Louise Darroch - now left UEA

Group photo taken November 2003

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Welcome to the Liss Group on the WWW. This new web site is somewhat incomplete at the moment - there are some pages missing in the research section and elsewhere. Hopefullly this will not be too infuriating for the readers of the site... We decided to make this new site live because already it contains much more information than the old one, and is more up to date. If you do have any trouble, please email and let us know and we will do our best to sort it out.

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