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EA - Environmental Auditing
Box No. Title Author(s) Year
EA 1 This Month in Mining - Clean Bill of Health Finnveden, G 2000
EA 2 A Standard Land Condition Record Working Group 2000
EA 3 Never Audit Alone - The Case for Audit Teams Adams, N 1999
EA 4 Industry Environmental Processes: Beyond Compliance Plaut, J 1998
EA 5 EIA & Real Estate Johnson, D 2001
EA 6 Environmental and Safety Auditing: Program Strategies for Legal, International, and Financial Issues Kim, U 1997
EA 7 Environmental Management: Whats Auditing Got To Do With It? Picard, R 1998
EA 8 Auditing of Environmental Management Systems: A Legitimacy Theory Perspective Taylor, D., M. Sulaiman, and M. Sheahan 2001
EA 9 Tropical Deforestation Row Raises Questions Over Supplier Audits ENDS 2001
EA 10 Methodological Aspects of Life Cycle Assessment of Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems Finnveden, G 1999
EA 11 Environmental Cost Accounting and Auditing Letmathe, P. and R. Doost 2000
EA 12 IPPC: Consultants at the Coalface ENDS 2002
EA 13 The Environmental Audit: A Green Filter for Company Policies, Plants, Processes and Products Elkington, J (for WWF) 1989
EA 14 How to Conduct Your Own Environmental Audits Wei, N 2001
EA 15 Operator Monitoring Assessment: Developing an Audit Scheme Pullen, J. and P. Wiggins 2002
EA 16 Auditing for Value Stone, P 2000
EA 17 Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions Burke, J 2000
EA 18 Audit System: Concepts and Practices Stanislav, K. and W. Willborn 2001
EA 19 The Value-Added Benefits of Environmental Auditing Sobnosky, K 1999
EA 20 Environmental Audit and Protection: Towards an Industrial Application Model Hofstra, N. and J. Suerink 1995
EA 21 Environmental Compliance Auditing Cleaver, B 1997
EA 22 Auditing the EMS ISO 14000 (in Supplement to the Environmental Health, and Safety Auditing Handbook) Smith, J 1997
EA 23 Environmental Auditor Training: Evaluating Competence Lister, N 2001
EA 24 Environmental Accounting- What does it Mean to Professional Accountants? Medley, P 1997
EA 25 Environmental auditing: an emerging opportunity Kite, D., Louwers, T. J., Radtke, R. R 1997
EA 26 Environmental Audit 2001: the University of York Gareth Simkins 2001
EA 27 Audit systems: concepts and practices Karapetrovic, Stanislav; Willborn, Walter 2001
EA 28 Environmental auditing in management systems and public policy Sinclair-Desagne, Bernard; Gabel, H. Landis 1997
EA 29 Environmental audit: theory and practices Maltby, Josephine 1995
EA 30 Developments in environmental auditing Hillary, Ruth 1995
EA 31 Limiting exposure to collateral liability associated with ISO 14001 EMS audits Kraus, David Vincent 2001
EA 32 Environmental accounting and auditing Dittenhofer, Mort 1995
EA 33 A practical method for environmental impact assessment audits Wilson, Lee 1998
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