Research Fellow, University of Leeds, UK (2011 ~ 2013)

PhD in Analysis and Optimization of Composite Panels (ORS Award), University of Leeds, UK (2010) 

Master in Structural Strength and Vibration, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China (2002) 

Bachelor in Solid Mechanics, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China (1999) 

All Publications

Liu, D., Liu, C., Zhang, C., Xu, C., Du, Z., Wan, Z.


Efficient hybrid algorithms to solve mixed discrete-continuous optimization problems: A comparative study,

in Engineering Computations



pp. 979-1002

Full Text UEA Repository



Luo, L., Liu, D., Zhu, M., Ye, J.


Metamodel-assisted design optimization of piezoelectric flex transducer for maximal bio-kinetic energy conversion,

in Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures



pp. 2528-2538

Full Text UEA Repository



Liu, C., Liu, D., Mao, X., Zhou, X.


Extended Multipoint Approximation Method,

in DEStech Transactions on Engineering and Technology Research.

DEStech Publications, Inc.

pp. 219-225

Full Text UEA Repository

(Conference contribution)


Liu, D., Zhou, X., Toropov, V.


Metamodels for composite lattice fuselage design,

in International Journal of Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing



pp. 175-178

Full Text UEA Repository



Liu, D.


Development of a hybrid algorithm for efficiently solving mixed integer-continuous optimization problems,

in Applied and Computational Mathematics



pp. 107-113

Full Text UEA Repository



Liu, D., Toropov, V.


Implementation of Discrete Capability into the enhanced Multipoint Approximation Method for solving mixed integer-continuous optimization problems,

in International Journal for Computational Methods in Engineering Science & Mechanics



pp. 22-35

Full Text UEA Repository



Liu, D., Lohse-Buschl, H., Toropov, V., Huhne, C., Armani, U.


Detailed design of a lattice composite fuselage structure by a mixed optimization method,

in Engineering Optimization



pp. 1707-1720

Full Text UEA Repository



Liu, D., Toropov, V., Barton, D., Querin, O.


Weight and mechanical performance optimization of blended composite wing panels using lamination parameters,

in Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization



pp. 549-562

Full Text UEA Repository



Liu, D., Toropov, V.


A lamination parameter-based strategy for solving an integer-continuous problem arising in composite optimization,

in Computers and Structures


pp. 170-174

Full Text UEA Repository



Key Research Interests

  • Inverse design and optimization of structural composites or structural aspects in the fields of Mechanical/Aerospace/Biomechanics/Material/Energy Engineering;
  • Computation and numerical analysis for multiphysics and multiscale modeling; Structural integrity;
  • Multi-disciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MAO) of energy efficient designs;
  • Robustness analysis; Reliability-based optimization;
  • Improved predictive models of nonlinear responses for complex systems;
  • Experimental design and validation; Structural vibration testing. 


Simulation and Optimization Research Group (SORG)

The aim of this international research group - established by the support of the UEA, UL, LU, and the Beihang University, (China) - is to perform advanced research in the field of numerical simulation and computation, composite design, multidisciplinary analysis and optimization. The group tends to develop/implement fast and robust algorithms in an optimization framework oriented to solving large scale engineering optimization problems. The application of this considerably reduces calculation time and is able to solve simulation and optimization-based tasks that cannot be tackled by the programmes available at present. The research group objective is to develop tools for industrial applications. All the research is performed by this international research team.


Dr Dianzi Liu (Director)

Prof. Jianqiao Ye (Lancaster University)

Dr Xiaoan Mao (University of Leeds)

Dr Congxiao Shang (UEA, ENV)

Mr Chengyang Liu (PhD)

Mr Liheng Luo (PhD)

Mr Tolulope Ogundare (PhD)


If you are interested in PhD position at UEA from September 2017, you can contact me directly for details and currently I am planning a phd topic on :

Design and optimization of variable-stiffness laminates using steered fibres

For more information, please check the link

(Also, you are welcome to propose your own project topic for PhD study)


Potential candidates are encouraged to contact me directly for informal discussions. If you are a self-funded phd candidate and would like to be considered for tuition-fee waived or maintenance-fee covered by University Scholarship, please contact me immediately for this purpose. Such scholarship is available now!

Professional Activities


1. University Research  Funding (2014-2017)

Development of efficient hybrid algorithms to solve mixed discrete-continuous optimization problems.  

2. Joint research with Beihang University (China) by the support from Short-Term Recruitment Program of Professional Scholars (2016)

Aeroelastic tailoring with novel composites for advanced aerospace applications. 

3. EU-FP7 collaborative project on Production Aspects of Lattice Related Barrel Elements with Advanced Reliability, (in collaboration with Vassili Toropov in the Queen's Mary University of London, QMUL)  (Jan, 2014 ~ Dec, 2016).

4. EU-FP7 collaborative project on Advanced Lattice Structure for Composite Airframe (ALaSCA), 2010-2013.


Reviewers for Academic Journals:

Journal of Aircraft

Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

Computers and Structures

Engineering Optimization

Cogent Mathematics

Composite Structures



2016 Plenary Speaker in the International Conference in Aerospace for Young Scientists
2016 Recipient of Short-term Recruitment Program of Professional Scholars in Beihang University
2016 Host Chair for International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science
2016 Member of Program Committee for International Symposium on Mathematics and Computer Science
2015 Best presentation in the International Conference on Mechanical Manufacturing and Optimization