Rafif A. D. Hakiem is a Visiting Fellow in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning, having graduated with a PhD in 2017. Her research main focus is on Islamic Aesthetic and Art within Saudi society and education, which also addresses the Saudi Higher Education and the Accreditation phenomena in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore demonstrating how the use of Participatory visual art based methods can shape research questions and thesis in ways one may not have initially considered. She has also carried out publishing in this area with Sage Publication Ltd. Her research also includes Adult Literacy in Saudi Arabia and she is a member of the Literacy and Development Group at UEA which have a strong links with development agencies and organization, including UNESCO, ASPBAE and BAICE.

She is interested in the dynamic of Gender as well as adult literacy and currently works on the topics of Gender and Identity. This work is considered within the context of contributing to Saudi education (and potentially more broadly to society) with framework of gender and education.

Also, she is an Associate Fellow (AFHEA) of The Higher Education Academy (HEA) the national body, which champions teaching excellence/UK.